Our Team

The pastoral ministry provides leadership, guidance and counselling through the inspiration of Scripture and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. The team utilizes gifts of encouragement, teaching and evangelism to serve, build up and equip others.

Michael & Zelda De Los Reyes

Michael is the senior pastor of Word of Life Christian Church. He has been in ministry for over 20 years and is passionate about empowering others through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. His approach is simple, love God, love the Word and love people. His wife, Zelda, is a woman of faith who has seen her fair share of challenges. She continues to testify of the amazing grace and compassion she receives in her life through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael and Zelda have five children, Fitz, Royce, Mythz, Zelmick, Franz and Joshua. They also are proud grandparents of three. Together with their household, they serve and encourage the Church to constantly live with the purposes that God has in store for them.


Neil Laysico

Neil Laysico is an astute student of the Word. A teacher by nature, he loves conveying the truths and insights of the Word in direct and simple messages.

Rey Galera

Rey Galera has been called to encourage the church to live profoundly for God. He is devoted to being an example of how to worship in spirit and in truth.


Fitz & Jean De Los Reyes

Fitz and Jean are visionary pastors whose hearts desire is to see the church and lives abound in faith, hope and love. Their gifts of leadership, has seen ministries flourish through their practical and engaging approach. They are passionate to see generations pursue God wholeheartedly and to see the works of the Holy Spirit manifested in the Church so that others are drawn to the heart of Jesus. Fitz oversees the Young Adults and Media team and Jean leads the Manna Project team.

Fitz and Jean are a young family with three children, Elisha Joelle, Ysabella Jean and Isaac Judah.