Our Sunday Worship Service Starts At 1OAM

Our Sunday service is bilingual both English and Filipino with worship and preaching taking the majority of the time of the service, with Scripture from the Bible also directs us to pray and read the Word of God. We will regularly do these as well as give people opportunities to give to our church in order to support our ministries and meet the needs of those in our community.

Children of all ages are included in the Scripture reading, singing and praying portion of the service in order to affirm the truth that the body of Christ is multi-generational and that the gospel is for everyone!

Prayer and Teaching

While our services are focused on the gospel, you don’t need to be a christian to attend. Our messages apply to both christians and non-christians. It’s a great environment to hear different cultures speak to one another about the value of Jesus and what this means for our lives.

Sunday School

Children aged 7-16 can attend Sunday School where they follow a curriculum to help and encourage their journey with Jesus.

This is how you can connect with us

 0452 223 147


 1995 Western Highway, Rockbank Victoria 3335